Specialist design department of the Southern Federal University (SFedU SDD) was founded in February,1969, by the Ministry of the Higher and Specialized Secondary Education of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic order d/d 05.02.1969 №1101 on the basis of the research laboratory of computer engineering and microelectronics. By the time of foundation 36 laboratories, 12 departments, 21 groups had been joined together. The main objectives of SDD were the carrying out of research engineering, experimental designing works and prototyping on request of scientific management and industrial enterprises in the area of computer engineering, microelectronics and radioengineering. Already by the end of 1969 SDD operated full out and was provided with numerous research engineering and experimental designing work orders. From the very beginning of SDD organization major research engineering and experimental designing work connected with the development of special computers, special onboard computers and with the developing of hardware components for them was camed out. From the moment of SDD foundation and developing there were established close research and business connections with many leading research and design and experimental organizations in the USSR, which worked in different upcoming trends, with major institutes and industrial associations, such as RSC «Energia» (Kaliningrad), the Moscow Institute of Electromechanics and Automatics, Instrument engineering department (Tula), etc.

One of the first agreements was made with EDB TC of the Leningrad Polytechnical University (LPU). That agreement was about the designing of onboard digital computing device (OBDCD-1), meant for flight vehicle control.

Thanks to the highly-qualified specialists and a high level of experimental production, engineering of customized application microelectronic circuits for EDB MEI on the subject «Luna» to register spacemen biomedical parameters was finished already in 1970. They were outputted with Customer’s representation acceptance.

This time there are also developped:
- unique uniprocessor IC «Parabola-1» with multibit fixed-point increments (1971) for the complex dynamic systems simulation in real time for the enterprise SRI «Kometa» (Moscow) and uniprocessor IC « Parabola--2» with multibit floating-point increments(1974) for the evaluation of radio engineering systems performance, simulation of complex robot-control systems in real time for the enterprise Research Institute of Communication (Taganrog);
- integro-arithmetic digital computing system DCS «INTAR-270» (1975) to solve the problems connected with mobile objects simulation for KBE (Kharkov);
- one-purpose digital computer SDC «INTAR-174 », which was produced from 15.10.75 till 30.05.76 in MIEA enterprise and was used to conduct studies connected with the developing of new generation inertial navigation systems ;
- one-purpose digital computer of integro-arithmetic type SDC «INTAR-176» (1977), providing the development of algorithms and operation programmes for inertial navigation system I-21 developped in the Moscow Institute of Electromechanics and Automatics (MIEA);
- integro- arithmetic digital computing system SDC «INTAR-270» (1977) is designed for operating as a part of research stand, providing real-time and fast time scale processing of the space objects’ perspective algorithms control for RSC «Energia» (Kaliningrad);
- hybrid computing complex (1978), including SDC «INTAR-274», analog computer AC-2 and adapter unit with a standard equipment on RSC «Energia» (Kaliningrad) enterprise. Multiprocessing incremental computers (MIC) and structures (MIS) with the single order increment:
- 50-processor IC «Don» (1970) for NEFTEHIM(Baku);
- 50-processor IC«Taganrog» (1971) for complex dynamic systems developing in real time for KBE (Kharkov);
- 24-processor homogeneous IS «Integrator-2»(1973) for complex dynamic systems developing in real time for CSRI «Avrora» (St. Petersburg);
- digital blocks(DCD, DCD -1, DCD -1А, DC, CTD, DDP, DPD, PS -1, PS -3, PS -4, ADC, SDC), operating in the system of information, monitoring and control of the space objects electric power condition and meant for the measuring of flying height, flight vehicles control and soft landing during 1972 – 1978 for EDB TC of LPU (St. Petersburg).

At the present day SFedU RDB «MIUS» in respect to its institutional structure is a scientific organization department of the Southern Federal University juridical person commissioned per procuration given by the president in accordance with SFedU articles,it has independent balance, stamp with the image of national emblem of the Russian Federation, own accounts, blanks, it is a separate entity of tax law, situated in SFedU TIT bulk «V». The main lines of SFedU RDB «MIUS» scientific and production activity are:
- development and delivery to a customer of the pilot and standard products of computer aids;
- training-simulator complexes, including spacemen extravehicular activity;
- information-gathering, -processing and -transmitting systems;
- digital processing of radio signals;
- automation and remote control equipment;
- computer-automated test systems, including prelaunch control systems for orbital vehicles.