Turning works

Thread-turning machine16К20

Technical parameters

Admitted diameter of the work, mm:
- over shear 400;
- over support 220;
Admitted length of the work, mm: 750-1500;
Admitted weight of a putted work, kg
- fixed in the chuck 300;
- fixed in the centers 1300;
Accuracy grade according to GOST 8-82: N.

Turning machine Quantum D210x400

Machining processing of the metal, wood and plastic works.

Technical parameters

Center-line height, mm: 105;
Admitted length of the work, mm: 400;
Diameter of processing over shear, mm: 210;
Shear width, mm: 125;
Spindle rotational speed, rpm: 125-2000;
Quantity of stages: 6;
Taper in spindle: MK 3;
Spindle through-hole diameter, mm: 21;
Support’s upper carriage travel, mm: 70;
Support’s transverse carriage travel, mm: 110;
Footstock spindle’s inside taper: MK 2;
Footstock spindle movement, mm: 70;
Longitudinal feed, mm/r: 0,1-0,2;
Pitch limits of turned metric threads, mm: 0,4-3,5;
Pitch limits of turned inch threads, threads per inch: 10-44;
Height of a tool rest holder, mm: 12,5.