Milling area

Vertical turning mill HAAS TM-1

Vertical turning mill HAAS TM-1

Cutting of any large enough configuration parts, thanks to raising platform. The modes give multifunctional opportunities. In full-function NC mode the mill along all the axes operates through G- code program. In manual mode the control in X and Y axes is maintained with handwheels, and Z-axis – with an electronic mechanism with high-accuracy positioning.


Technical parameters

• X axis motion, mm: 762;
• Y axis motion, mm: 305;
• Z axis motion, mm: 406;
• Height from the table to spindle, mm: 102-508;
• Spindle rotational speed (max), rpm: 4000;
• Spindle horsepower(max), kWt: 5,6;
• Positioning accuracy, micrometers: ±10;
• Frequence, micrometers: ± 5;
• Program memory capacity, Militia Book: 1.

Omnimill versatile machine SF-676


For the performing of operations connected with processing of horizontal and vertical planes made from ferrous, non ferrous metals and different alloys, and for the processing of the groovings and other surfaces. The processing is performed with the disk, face, end, angle and form mills.


• Milling
• Drilling
• Reaming
• Boring
• Hole enlarging
• Chopping

Technical parameters

Table dimensions, mm:
- sliding angle/corner 250х800;
- vertical 250х630;
Minimum and maximum distance from horizontal spindle axis to the angle horizontal table work space, mm: 80-460;
The number of every spindle speeds: 16;
Rotational frequency, rpm:
- of horizontal spindle 50-1630;
- of vertical spindle 63-2040;
Feed-rate ranges of the table and spindle head, mm/min: 13-395;
Displacement speed (geared up) of the table and head, mm/min: 935.

6Р82 - knee-type universal horizontal mill

For the execution of milling operations with cylindrical, face, end, form and other cutters.

Technical parameters

Table work space length, mm: 1250;
Table width, mm: 320;
Table displacement X,Y: 800х250 mm;
Distance from horizontal spindle axis to the table work space, mm: 30-400;
Spindle-speed range, rpm: 31,5-1600.

Roxa RX-0605A. Engraving miller

Roxa RX-0605A

Designed for a high quality milling and engraving of the details’ and workpieces’ surfaces.

Technical parameters

Table dimensions, mm850х830;
Range of cruising on the axes, mm 600х500х80;
Resolution capability (accuracy), mm 0,01.