Assembly area

Assembly area

During manufacturing process manual insertion of components with pin (PTH) and ribbon (planar) leads, surface mount device (SMD), integrated circuit packages with the leads from 0.3 mm, and also insertion of the blocks and rack mounting are used.

Assembly area equipping

- consistent working places for radio- assembler - BELTEMA;
- exhaust units- DELI-M;
- digital soldering stations ERSA of DIG-2000A,I-CON-nano,I-CON1 models;
- infrared engineering stations;
- soldering baths- SB-41;
- electrically operated knives- EON-1;
- microscopes- OHME FM;
- electric installation tools made by ProKits company;
- electrostatic carpets and bands;
- floors in the area’s rooms are made of electrically conductive linoleum.