The complex of electronic charts exploitation instruments

The complex of instruments of application problem setting on the digital ground map provides the imaging of ground map using initial cartographic presentation of the information in digital format of electronic chart (EC). The complex controls data integrity and objects description, correct map presentation in different presentation scales, scrolling and map angle indexing on the screen, application targets setting, simulation and analysis of obtained operation results with the electronic land map, the opportunity to watch the results of simulation, presented in the text format, correcting in accordance with the simulation results, simultaneous gathering and processing of information about the traffic routes and objects’ position. Such functional characteristics of the complex allow to use EC in special-purpose systems (security traffic systems, aircraft and sea ecological monitoring systems, fire-extinguishing systems, search-and-rescue, patrol, etc.).

The complex of electronic charts exploitation instruments
The example of initial land map reflection with the objects’ motion routes plotted in it on relay point.

To make the work of operator comfortable the following additional complex services were carried in:
• on/off switching of separated EC layers;
• on/off switching of coordinate scale;
• plotting and correction of the courses (hide, delete, export);
• setting of any EC point’s coordinates;
• receiving of additional information (semantics) about an arbitrary object;
• estimation of crow-flight distances between two points.

Properties: openness, mobility, the opportunity to cooperate with global positioning system (GPS) and flight-navigation complex, real-time operational environment forming, compact data structures.