SDB of Modelling and Controlling Systems (SFedU)



Generation complex of three-dimension display of the target environment and runtime objects based on the digital ground map

It is an instrument which creates problem domain exercisers in order to teach the staff (or operators) acting under different conditions, which are close to real environment.
3D scenes display complexallows to visualize a three-dimensional scene, which is preselected with the height matrix with the surface-mounted objects and objects with their own behavioral models. Visualization can be performed in visible and infrared bands. Except rendering husk 3D scene display complex includes dialog cover module (DC).
DC module is a complex of utility programmes, realizing the following functions:
• forming of a target environment for display system;
• realizes user’s dialog interface with speciality application-dependent software (SADSW) of a program 3D scene display complex;
• validity check of user’s resorting to programming tools;
• dialog windows control with the help of keyboard, handler and menu system;
• rendering of information assistance to the user.

Functional capabilities of 3D scene display complex:
• cards import from the cartography «Panorama» bundled software, from the file formats SXF, MTW, RSC on the basis of currently existing surfaces and objects libraries;
• displaying of a great operations area(60 х 60 km) with the height matrix grid pitch 2 m;
• displaying of different surface types (reservoirs, banks, stone fields, grassland vegetation, level sands, etc.);
• displaying of different vegetation types (forests, cain and reed, bushes, orchards, tree belts, vinegroves);
• displaying of static objects in accordance with the ground map (towers, monument, barrows, trees, mines, power plants, fuel stations, uptown quarters, factories, manufactories, sea harbors, etc.);
• displaying of linearly drawling objects (highways and railways with different surfaces, rivers, pipe installations, power lines);
• displaying of the dynamic objects, which have their own behavior models (air transport, surface vehicles, clouds, thermal targets, shot tracks);
• displaying of the actual state of the Sun, the Moon (and its phases), the starry arch (more than 2000 stars of the Northern hemisphere). Analysis is made depending on geographic location of observer and apparent time;
• by displaying in the mode of infrared radiation (IR), taking into account the weather conditions, humidity, direct visibility, temperature, videosignal attenuation within the range from 8 to 10 micrometers is calculated;
• switching the camera to different entrance angles is also possible;
• it is possible to control displayed data through user interface;
• observer’s control.

The work with display system starts with observer’s location on the ground map through DC. Then technical parameters of locomotion means and operator’s observation, his traffic route and target environment of current session (weather conditions, the types of dynamic objects under observation and possible parameters of their motion – surface and air, interferences presence and their types, analog formation transmission time) are set.

original ground map with plotted objects

An example of the original ground map with plotted objects

After initial data setting there are started from DC complex programmes for 3D scene displaying the visualizations with the opportunity to control operator place transportation in real-time with the help of built-in hot keys. During the movement on the surface carrier’s orienting angles are tracked depending on the land lay.

land fragment visualization

An example of land fragment visualization