Processing and displaying complex for hydroacoustic data of round- and sector-scanning sonars

It is designed for digital processing and displaying of hydroacoustic data for round- and sector-scanning.

It provides simultaneous reception and displaying of round- and sector-scanning sonars hydroacoustic data.

Processing and displaying complex for hydroacoustic data of round- and sector-scanning sonars

Complex allows to fix a motion trajectory of the vessel according to navigation satellite system GPS data, determines geodesic coordinates of the objects from received acoustic echo signal, receives information and transfers it to NMEA-0183 channels of communication with board navigation aids (log-speedometer, gyro-compass, navigation satellite system GPS and other submarine acoustical devices). Software includes the functions of built-in procedure-oriented trainer for maintenance staff. Built-in trainer is meant for simulating of the azimuth search according to sonar echoed signals’ main components, sea and underwater situations. Initial data is the information about the hydro meteorological conditions (wind speed, water salinity and temperature, etc.), bottom surface characteristics (ground contour and type), under-sea targets (dimensions, coordinates, speed, course) and vessel trajectory parameters. The supply of orientation angles and spatial altitude with the help of sensors and in collaboration with the global satellite navigation system complex allows to get geographically co-ordinated and corrected based on different types of distortions sea bottom heights matrixes. The complex’s architecture is made according to modularity and allows to build parametrical product rank with the opportunity of functional powering (as for hardware modules structure, as software characteristics) on the basis of the universal element of gathering, primary and secondary processing and archiving of the data.

The range of use:
- fish searching, location and automatic tracking;
- location and tracking of near-surface, benthal and silted targets;
- information support of the water area ecological monitoring systems;
- submerged structures condition control, providing of engineering works when mounting marine pipelines and cables;
- location identification of submarine pipelines and communication lines on the bottom and in silted bottom settlings;
- sunken objects searching when carrying out salvage and rescue operations;
- creation and correcting of sea topography data-bases directly on a carrier’s board, including the fixation of sounding graphs and all satellite operating information (exact coordinates, time, weather conditions, course, speed, etc.);
- safeguarding of navigation in navigation canals and fairways at sea and rivers;
- operation monitoring of harbor waters condition.