Analog formation and visualization of the scenes in infrared spectrum: virtual simulators visualization tools

Consistent virtual simulators components use interactive graphics-based development environment 3D/VR of a real-time application WorldUp, which realizes three-dimensional simulation in real time. Operating system – Windows 95, 98. There are used 3D-objects in nff format (Normal File Format) or any compatible with it (VRML (*.wrl), 3D Studio (*.3ds), AutoCad (*.dxf), Binary File Format (*.bff)). The formation technique of objects’ thermal imaging guidance system presentation is also developed. The ways of near-real time scenes forming on the basis of thermal imaging-objects, thermal imaging -textures, FX-es are developed.

Utilization:procedure-oriented simulators, full-scale trainers visualization subsystems.

Properties:the high rate of thermal imaging framing (15-60 fps), engineering interactivity, enough image visual reality, hardware support of VR devices, stereo image support, switching on, protection against short-circuit and overloads.