Functional control stand for optoelectronic tracking system

Being under development the hardware-software complex is meant for functional control, testing and dynamic checks of optoelectronic trackers (OET) as a whole and separated components of OET – television automated (TA), gyroscope position pickoff (GPP), thermal imaging devices (TID).
a) static mode of functional control (testing, design acceptance tests, etc.) using the following standard background and targets imaging:
• uniform background with constant luminance of dots Lф=const;
• check pattern background with the brightness of the fields L1F и L2F;
• background in the form of field with spatially uncorrelated normally distributed random dots brightness ("dapple background");
• target in the form of changing meter square with equal dots brightness ("gray target");
• target in the form of changing meter square with random dots brightness ("dapple target").
b) dynamic test modes using:
• the libraries of background thermal image;
• the libraries of synthesized images based on the real videos;
• the libraries of synthesized target images, changed during tracking process in correspondence with remoteness and view, signal strength of which changes depending on remoteness and simulated atmosphere;
• programming tools for setting of targets types and parameters of their movement (height, remoteness, course), which provide a variety of OET dynamic test types.
c) hardware-software simulation of the following real equipment components:
• thermal imaging devices when it interacts with TA;
• television automated when it interacts with GPP;
• gyroscope position pickoff when it interacts with TA;
• optoelectronic system when it interacts with TA and GPP.
FCS stand contents:
• complex of software and hardware for modes’ control and stand’s work synchronization, stand’s equipment testing, videosignals commutation, control of access to the stand work;
• complex of software and hardware for target environment’s (TE) image synthesis, Conversion of images into standard TV signal and output in TA on-line. The field frequency in synthesized videosignal is 50 Hz;
• complex of tools, which form the library of TE thermal images and output in TA on-line with opportunity to mix a synthesized target image with real background;
• complex of software and hardware of external systems (simulators TA, GPP, TID, VS) modeling;
• complex of mobile software and hardware of functional control processes logging;
• complex of mobile software and hardware for FCS self-controlling.
The connection of the channels of FCS to real equipment:
• video output;
• analog inputs-outputs (DAC, ADC);
• relay inputs-outputs;
• quantized inputs-outputs;
• digital communication channels on MIL-STD-1553B (MCIE);
• digital communication channel RS-422;
• net communication channel Ethernet.