The Complex of human controller’s reliability evaluation based on the methods of hybrid intelligence and virtual reality means

It is meant for the research and analysis of psychophysiologic characteristics of state-of-the-art compound technical objects’ controller applied in the conditions of high information loading, stress factors, decision making time shortage.

Human controller’s activity is connected with monitoring of compound technical object in dynamically changing environment, that is why in the complex this environment is formed with the means of virtual reality. Multistep control of a sea mobile object and weapon-control system is offered as activity model*. Human operator’s target is to control sea mobile object and weapon-control system during carrier object transfer from the one point to another. The decision is made under the conditions of time limitation and presence of some target objects, which must be destroyed, because they endanger carrier object and operator’s life.

In this case the time index is a mission execution criteria. Moreover, the work price connected with decision making «expenses» is also taken into account. The work price can be determined by psychophysiologic changes. The main target of experimental set up is to determine human operator’s individual strategies with the following control over him on the information level. Information control is as follows: recommends on application and realization of tactical and strategic control decisions are given to the human operator. Important research aspect is psychophysiologic evaluation of work price. However, simultaneously with the parameters measuring of activity and behavior, psychophysiologic (biological) parameters, which are processed later on to receive integral indicators, are also taken.

The outcome of experiment consists in the determination of regularity between behavior parameters and psychophysiologic indicators and in evolving a strategy of psychophysiologic control of human operator through biofeedback. Received value will give the opportunity to improve human operator’s performance and enhance the reliability of the decisions.

At present a simplified architecture of research complex is realized. It implies the human operator sitting at an operating console of virtual reality automation-equipped working place. Herewith, biosensors of medical research systems of electrocardiography (ECG), electroencephalography (EEG), which provide the retrieval and logging of biological information on-line, are connected to human operator.

The range of use:
- creation of high-efficiency military-oriented man-machine systems;
- training-simulator complexes for the staff training and selecting;
- runtime objects’ computer-aided control system.

*Note: in each specific case human operator’s activity model is developed taking into account simulated object’s application domain.