Toolbox of program modeling system engineering and thermal image synthesis

It includes 3D thermal imaging objects creation editor, compiler of 3D objects data structure into inner visualizer structures, thermal imaging objects Property Editor, thermal imaging visualizer. Based on the developed test control package the system of thermal image modeling and synthesis is created. Operating system– DOS 6.20 –7.10. It provides current time programmes execution (50 frames per second). IR spectrum is engineered mainly for the wave-lengths within the range from 8 to 14 micrometers. The conditions of radiant flux passing through the atmosphere, extinction coefficient, altitude above the sea level, humidity, precipitation rate, molecular absorption, temperature (time-of-year), objects distance, meteorological optical range (MOR) are also taken into account. The model of IR-signal attenuation in the atmosphere is realized.

Utilization: research and simulation stands with the restricted function time and severe requirements to the stringency of results recording, testing system of optoelectronic tracking systems, visualization components of half-sized exercisers.

Properties:current time of imaging, original algorithms, compact form of data presentation.

Figures show the general view of thermal imaging background and the target on the thermal imaging background.

background aim