Radiolocating measuring instrument of sea state static characteristics RIV-200


RIV-200 measures the sea state characteristics from amphibian aircraft BE-200 during the flight. Measuring instrument allows to meter the height, length and general direction of the sea waves’ advance within the flying heights range of 400…6000 m without resort to meteorological service. The measuring instrument informs the crew about the possibility of safe water landing of the amphibian aircraft to conduct operations on the open sea at any time of the day, notwithstanding weather conditions, by low visibility.

Main technical characteristics
The device provides the wave length measuring of up to 100 m, with the height of up to 3 m with 3% occurrence, and the sea waves running direction accuracy of up to ± 8°. Sound impulses carrier frequence is 29,5 MHz.

The field of utilization: sea aviation, sea rescue, airlift delivery of lifeboats.

Properties:there is no analogues of RMIS-200 in the world, which work within the meter wavelength range. The device has passed pretesting and it is prepared for actual test on the aircraft BE-200. There are more than 20 licenses and author's certificates. There is also available a set of work design documents.