Inspection stand of wiring harnesses assembly SKM-USB

It is designed for high-speed automatic check of wiring harnesses assembly in in-car electronics, and for testing of wiring and cables harnesses assembly in radio and electrical engineering industry. During hands-off operation SKM -USB provides the location of all the possible wiring harnesses assembly defects: noninteraction, confusion of connections, redundant constraints, short circuits. Harness condition test mode – continuous circular or non-recurring. Harness connections’ sample card forming is made using sample harness, connections’ electronic work sheet or through manual input. It can be used to process information about some harnesses simultaneously. SKM -USB is meant for testing of the cable with more than 224 outputs combining up to 4 CIB is possible, when controlled outputs quantity is brought up to 896.

Consists of:
- control and interface block(CIB);
- personal computer (PC).

Main technical characteristics
- quantity of contacts, which are controlled in harness: from 56 to 224;
- test signals voltage, V.: no more than 5,5;
- harnesses inspection time from the termination time of its connection to the stand till the screen displaying of information about harnesses condition, s: no more than 5;
- watt consumption, Wt: no more than 5;
- overall dimensions, mm: 200х185х135.