Contact wire coordinates measuring instrument

For the noncontact measurement of contact wire’s height of suspending and its shift in respect to railway axis, when the running speed of the carriers, on which measuring instrument is installed, remains within the range from 0 to 60 km/h. IKKP is a twin channel pulsed ultrasonic locator, which consists of two independent subsystems. One of the subsystems installed on a mobile carrier consists of r-t unit with ultrasonic antennas and processing unit with the indication of measurement results and their recording to nonvolatile memory. The second subsystem of the measuring instrument installed at any place suitable for a user is realized on the basis of a computer with the software, which allows the readout of nonvolatile memory contents, processing of measurement results, auto lock-on of measurement results to railway coordinates, output of measurement results in graph and digital form, plotting of height distribution bar chart and contact wire sheet bar chart, outputting the locations, where coordinate deviation overruns, the correction of measurement results and their arching, monitoring of contact wire state change dynamics with warning about possible overrun of contact wire suspension parameters.

Main technical characteristics
The variation range of contact wire’s suspension height in reference to the plane of antennas installation, mm: from 1200 to 2500;
Contact wire offset from the axis of symmetry horizontally, mm : ±400;
Static accuracy of coordinate measuring, mm: ±20;
Additional dynamic error’s root-mean-square value, mm: 20;
Maximum interval between neighbouring coordinates measurements during the measurement when the carrier is on the run, m: 1;
The time of contact wire state continuous control, hrs: up to 10;
Maximum running speed of the carrier, km/h: 60;
Overall dimensions of the transmit-receive antennas with affixtures, mm: 1800х300х150;
Overall dimensions of the measurable parameters calculation and display unit, mm: 250х200х100.