Technologic temperature measuring system

Technologic temperature measuring system (STTI)

It is meant for temperature control of the object by way of circular measuring of direct-current resistance with the following temperature measuring and further processing of information and forming of logs in data set form.

Technical characteristics
- provides temperature remote measuring at 96 points;
- temperature measurement error is no more than 0,5 ºС;
- sampling frequency on every characteristic is no less than 0,5 hz;
- provides temperature remote measuring of the object by way of temperature sensors’ direct-current resistance measuring using four-way scheme;
- the length of connecting cables, m: up to 30;
- measurement range, ºС: from 5 to +100.
For temperature control of the unit under test the sensors with thermoresistors TEM 006 05 BY8.036.000TU and TM 293 02 are used.