Monitoring And Control Systems

Monitoring And Control Systems is designed to monitor and control two-phase simulator stand of angular oscillations.

- organization of two independent mechanical platform oscillations in two interorthogonal planes;
- setting of the platform’s oscillation mode;
- high accuracy for parameters supporting of predetermined oscillations conditions mode;
- numerical and graphical representation of platform oscillations parameters;
- gathering and processing of information about the stand nodes and devices health.

Technical characteristics
• Operating angle range in every of the planes, grad: ±50;
• Oscillation frequency range, Hz: 0,1-3,0;
• Oscillation amplitude range, grad: 0,1- 50;
• Weight of the equipment mounted on the platform, kg: no more than 170.

System structure:
IC – industrial computer (made by Advantich) – 1 unit.
SPS – secondary power supply – 3 units.
SPS controller– 1 unit.
Control unit’s PASUK controller module– 1 unit.
Filtration and correction module – 2 units.
MSC (Main channels in series) module – 2 units.


Figure 1. Monitoring And Control Systems scheme.