Computer-automated test system

Computer-automated test system is meant for remote control, distance measuring, remote indication, linkage with orbital spaceship on-board computer systems and for controlling of complicated industrial facilities power-supply system.

Main technical characteristics

Remote control subsystem (complex PU, modules MVVDS-S/MVVDS-S2, MVVDSU, MURK, MKPN10, MPKT15/140, MIDP, MSPKT) generates up to 4000 on-off signals, control signals of direct current (0–±15mA, 0-±140mA) and direct current voltage (0–±10V).

Remote indication subsystem (modules UPOI-M, MDS, MSPOI ) controls the condition of about 3000 signaling information sensors, determines changes in their condition, sorts them by functional features with linking to data-base, processes information about these sensors, measures time intervals, provides linking to the current time.

Distance measuring subsystem includes a number of measures (modules MACP-S, MKK) and 1000 input commutators (modules MUKCZO) and provides the measuring of direct voltage within the range of 4, 40, 200 V. (basic percentage error is no more than 0,2 %), alternating voltage working value within the range of 4, 40, 220 V. (basic percentage error is no more than 0,5 %) and direct-current resistance within the range of 20, 100 Ohm, 1, 10, 100 kOhm, 1, 10 mOhm (basic percentage error is no more than 0,25% and 0,5%), leakage resistance between power lines and casing when object operating. Distance measuring subsystem supports the modes of non-recurrent measures with the averaging of results within the stated time interval, continuous measurements, measurements with input signal changing activation and automatic range scanning measurements.

Subsystem of data transmission and linkage with orbital spaceship on-board computer systems (racks SO, SO-SK, controller KVV-S, modules MRSI, MR, MSCK) uses "RS485", "RS422", " Current Loop" interfaces.

Power-supply monitoring and controlling subsystem (module MKP2) makes it possible to control object’s power-supply system condition on some channels, measuring the resistance within the range of (24 - 34)V. +/-0,1V. and current up to 50A +/-0,5 A, secures protection against short circuit, current and resistance overloads, access control of voltage value within the range of (24 - 34) V.

One of the characteristic features of computer-automated test system is its modularity, so that grouping of modules into blocks and then into racks is possible.

Field of utilization

Space vehicles process control during their manufacturing and prelaunch control in space-launch complexes. Computer-automated test system can also be used in order to control complex objects in other branches of industry (aircraft, antiaircraft complexes, etc.) with possible including of option interface units into it.


Computer-automated test system is structurally made on the basis of standard equipment racks (19"/ IEC 297) in compliance with the following design concept:
- modularity on functional, design and program levels;
- distributed control and power-supply system;
- standardizing of hardware and program interfaces;
- multitasking and intertask information interchange;
- reservation of separated stand-alone parties with remote control of reserve;
- openness to modular growth of hardware and program means;
- on-line configuration on hardware and program levels.