SDB of Modelling and Controlling Systems (SFedU)



Data Processing Device (UPOI-M)

Data Processing Device

UPOI-M determines the changes in sensors’ condition, groups them by functional features and postprocesses information from these sensors. It measures time intervals between the moments of separate sensors’ condition changing, links to real time, forms information sheets and outputs them into computer system. UPOI-M provides lock-on to Customer’s data-base, reset of information processing programmes, backing on the level of separated function parts and remote control of backup. p>

Technical characteristics
- quantity of controlled sensors: up to 2880;
- quantity of sensors’ functional groups: up to 755;
- minimum time of fixed sensors’ condition changing: 10 ms;
- distance between sensors and switching units: up to 200 m;
- information transmission distance up to 5000 m;
- quantity of communication circuits: up to 6;
- maximum information frame volume;
- processor type 80386СХ;
- interface ISA, RS-232C;
- operating system DOS 6,22.