Code-to-Current converters module (MPKT 15/140)

MPKT 15/140 is designed for the conversion of accepted codes into proportional to them direct current values. Settled into "Evromechanika" type block case. It consists of 3 equal in technical characteristics code-to-current converters, which provide galvanic isolation between themselves. Accepts the value abbreviations of the settings on a KVV-S controller local net, converts them into proportional direct current magnitude of voltage, outputs them to controlled orbital vehicle and supports these values till the new codes’ coming.

Technical characteristics
- performs input output operations as a passive component in backup local area network, which is suitable for EIA RS485 interface with the information transfer rate on the interface output-input lines 250 Kbit/s;
- digital-to-analog converters provide output characteristics with the basic error not exceeding ±(0,005* OP + 0,001*АMAX) А, when OP is a current value of output parameter and АMAX is a parameter limit. The changing of convertors’ output characteristics, which is caused by temperature deviation by every 10 С°, doesn’t exceed a half of the basic error;
- digital-to-analog converters provide output direct voltage within the range from -140 to +140mA. on the loading about 40 Ohm± 20% or within the range from -15 to +15mA. on the loading about 2030 ± 30 Ohm;
- electrical network voltage, V.: 27 (+7,-3);
- overall dimensions, mm: 308х120,8х172,8;
- weight is no more than 2,1 kg.