Module MURK


It is a part of relay module MRDK made by company JSC RSC "Energia" and it’s designed to output control fetching codes and operate commands on MRDK module, it also monitors fetching and execution control by way of MRDK module status scanning and controls its condition all the time. MRDK module headed by MURK module gives control actions on orbital vehicle. MURK module is controlled with KVV-S controller under the PC commands. MURK is a part of orbital vehicles computer-aided testing and controlling system. It is settled in MRDK module, which is put into " Evromechanika " type block case.

Technical characteristics
- performs input output operations as a passive component in inner backup local area network, which is suitable for EIA RS485 interface with the information transfer rate 250 Kbit/s;
- controls the fetching up to 32 MRDK module’s controlling outputs and fetching condition;
- controls the state change of chosen controlling outputs (on- or off-condition);
- controls MRDK module connection of electrical feed circuits and corresponding rails of the basic (backup) power supply;
- maximum commutated voltage from external reference source is no less than 15 V.;
- when current intensity is 3 mA, loss of voltage in output of the scheme with the open-collector is no more than +0,4;
- switching delay time is no more than 25 µs;
- resistance between galvanically isolated chains is no less than 20 mOhm;
- supply voltage: from +5,1 to + 5,6 V.;
- consumption current is no more than 0,7 A;
- overall dimensions, mm: 18,34х100х120;
- weight is no more than 0,8 kg.