For outputting of determined with the characteristics sequence of control actions on the unit under test when aligning with certain characteristics signaling information from the unit under test entering the modules. It’s used as a part of orbital vehicles computer-aided testing and controlling system. Settled into "Evromechanika " type block case. Preparation is made in the following way: signaling information codes list module and corresponding to them codes sequences lists of control actions delayed. Information enters module through KVV-S controller under the set command from PC.

Technical characteristics
- performs input output operations as a passive component in backup local area network, which is suitable for EIA RS485 interface;
- operates 16-bit control data output channel and 16-bit relay commands block indication data input channel;
- level-flight speed on the input-output interface lines is 250 Kbit/s;
- when direct current commutation is 40 mA, output voltage is within the range of 0 – 0,4 V.;
- output switching delay time is no more than 8 µs;
- when input current is within the range of 30-50 mA, input signal voltage with the level "logical 1" is within the range of 24-34 V.;
- input signal advance time is no more than 1 µs;
- galvanic isolation resistance is no less than 20 mOhm;
- electrical network voltage is 27 (+7,-3) V.;
- maximum consumption current from 27 V. network is no more than 0,5 A;
- overall dimensions, mm: 308х40,3х172,8;
- weight is no more than 0,5 kg.