Code-to-Current Converter’s Communication Module (MSPKT)

Code-to-Current Converter’s Communication  Module (MSPKT)

MSPKT is used as a part of object based supervisory control devices of remote stations with programmable control as a function module, which exercises remote control functions with code-to-current conversion. It’s controlled with KVV-S controller under the PC commands. Input-output interface electrical connectivity’s compatibilities are up to standard quality EIA/TIA-485. It provides outputting of messages as an eight-bit data code for code-to-current converter, which is presented as a bit combination.

Technical characteristics
- level-flight speed on the input-output lines is 250 Kbit/s;
- power circuit voltage is 27 V.;
- maximum input current is no more than 0,2 A;
- overall dimensions, mm: 308х40,3х172,8;
- weight is no more than 0,75 kg.