Power supply chains’ commutation control module (MKP2)

Модуль управления коммутацией цепей силового питания

MKP2 is designed for connection of different devices with two independent two-wire circuits of direct current power supply with the voltage 27 V., it also allows to control net’s condition, secures from short circuit and current and voltage overloads. In every supply circuit MKP2 carries out measurement and indication of voltage and current, setting programming, access monitoring to voltage value and other helper functions. It is settled into "Evromechanika" type block casing. Unit’s control is maintained from its front desk, remote control device or through the local area net on EIA RS485 interface from PC.

Technical characteristics
– maximum load current in every switched electrical feed circuit, A: no less than 50;
– measurement error of current intensity within the range from 0 to 50 A, A: ±1;
– voltage range in electrical feed circuit, V.: 24 – 34;
– measurement error of voltage within the range 24-34 V., V.: ±1;
– access control operation error, V.: ±0,1;
– voltage protection operation error, V.: ±0,1;
– current protection operation error, A: ±1;
– rating value of constant power voltage, V.: +27;
– input current, A: no more than 0,25;
– weight is no more than 8,0 kg;
– overall dimensions, mm: 202,7х172,8х308.