Module MRSI

MRSI module

MRSI module is designed for the expanding of local area net through the transmission of command messages from local area net segment KVV-S controller to input-output module, which are hooked up to local area net segment MRSI module, and for response message transmission in opposite direction. MRSI backups local area net by way of organization of two identical local area net segment’s controllers, which are galvanically isolated from each other and from the segments of local area net controller KVV-S, to which they are hooked up. Controller provides independent operation of two local area net segments to hook up input-output units to the system interface of equipment set. It is settled into block casing of "Evromechanika" type.

Technical characteristics
- performs input output operations in backup local area network, which is suitable for EIA RS485 interface;
- information transfer rate on the input-output interface lines 250 Kbit/s;
- local area net segment’s controllers provide galvanic isolation from KVV-S controller and from each other on the chains of KVV-S controller local area net with galvanic isolation voltage no less than 500 V.;
- power circuit voltage, V.: 27 (+7,-3);
- maximum input current on every channel, A: no more than 0,2;
- overall dimensions, mm: 308х40,3х172,8;
- weight is no more than 0,55 kg.