Analog-to-digital conversion module (MACP-S)

Analog-to-digital conversion module (MACP-S)

MACP-S is designed for the automated measurement of different analog signals, conversion of measurement results into digital format and transmission of received information to the rail of exchange with input-output controller.

Basic operating modes:
- non-recurrent or continuous measurements;
- measurements with averaging of results within stated time interval;
- measurements within a given range of input waveform changing;
- measurements with automatic scanning of the range.

Technical characteristics
- ranges of direct voltage measurement: 2, 40, 200 V.;
- basic percentage error: no more than 0.2
- measurement ranges of alternating voltage virtual value, V.: 2, 40, 220;
- basic percentage error: no more than 0.5%;
- measurement ranges of direct-current resistance: 20 Ohm, 100 Ohm, 1 k Ohm, 10 kOhm, 1m Ohm, 10 m Ohm;
- basic percentage error: no more than 0.25%.