SDB of Modelling and Controlling Systems (SFedU)



Distance relay module (MDS)

Модуль дальней связи (МДС)

MDS is designed for the accepting, reduction and transmission of information. It provides recurrent synchronous reception of information about the condition of all remote indication sensors and recurrent transmission of this information to remote information-processing device. MDS consists of two subsystems for backup chains. The type of remote control command signals is a current loop between corresponding connector contacts in local area net.

Technical characteristics
1. Receiving channel of the information about the sensors’ condition from switching units:
- 2 balanced communication pairs;
- recurrent signal processing from sensors: up to 960;
- time data reduction, private clock lines;
- maximum length, m: 200.
2. The link of information about the sensors’ condition:
- balanced cable pair of communication with 5 km information-processing device;
- time data reduction, self-synchronization;
- signal frequency: 250 khz.
3. Quantity of remote control commands:6.