Manufacturing services

SFedU SDB “MIUS” realizes the complete package of product development and manufacturing, including design specification development, carrying out all the types of tests and product delivery to the customers.

The principal directions of SFedU SDB “MIUS” scientific and production activity are: - the development and delivery to a customer of the pilot and standard products for computer equipment; - training and simulator complexes, including spacemen extravehicular activity, the systems for gathering, processing and transmission of information; - digital processing of the radio signals; - industrial electronics devices and equipment; - automation and teleautomatics equipment; - automated testing systems, including orbital vehicle prelaunch control systems, process control systems; - training of the highest qualification specialists.

Within the range of the mentioned directions SFedU SDB “MIUS” offers services for development of the work design documents, design documentation, pilot-line and limited production.

The development of detailed engineering drawings within the range of work in progress is provided by issue-related departments and design-engineering department using such license CADS, as T-Flex 11, P-CAD 2006, Altium Designer 9, Asonika.

The opportunity to produce pilot and standard models and turn out limited-edition products is given with the presence of experimental production in SDB “MIUS”.

The experimental production is outfitted with advanced metal-cutting equipment (high-accuracy machining center modules, thread-turning, milling and engraving machines), welding equipment, equipment for multilayer printed circuit board production, coating, and it renders services in the sphere of:
- metal working;
- manual argon-arc welding of steel, aluminium and its alloys;
- production of details, instrumental casings for private circulation;
- galvanic coating of details and casings;
- multilayer printed circuit board production;
- manual insertion of pin and SMD components for printed-circuit boards;
- moisture protection of printed circuit assemblies;
- assembly of modules, blocks, racks, cross connect path panels;
- lacquer coating of details and casings;
- cables production;
- woodworking.

Electrical parameter tests are performed using standard measurement devices and using nonstandard check-out equipment, developed, produced and certified in SFedU SDB “MIUS”. Weathering and mechanical product tests are made on the basis of the testing laboratory, equipped with the hot-cold and hot-moisture thermal test chambers and shake tables.

Production is controlled with QCD SDB “MIUS” and Quality Control Agency of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation 335.