Services to conduct product testing on the effects of external factors

SFedU SDB “MIUS” provides services for testing of products on the effects of mechanical and environmental factors of the following types:

I. Mechanical factors influence:
1)Tests on the effects of sinusoidal vibrations using fixed frequencies:
- Frequency range, Hz, 50 – 5000;
- Maximal off-load acceleration, g: 40;
- Maxima vibrodisplacement amplitude, mm: ±7,5.

2)Tests on the effects of multiple mechanical shocks:
- Acceleration, g: 10-150;
- The duration of the shock pulse,ms: 2-15;
- Blows per minute: 10-120;
- Test work weight, kg: up to 50.

3)Test on the effect of linear (centripetal) acceleration (centrifuge):
- for trace elements and micro modules:
a) supply voltage, v: 220;
b) test current, mA: up to 100;
c) the number of channels: 26.
- Maximal off-load acceleration (with the weight of product not exceeding 1 kg), g: 200;
- Test work weight, kg: up to 2;
- Diameter of the table centrifuge,mm: 500;
- Maximum dimensions of the product, mm: 100.

II. Climatic factors influence:
1) Test exposure to elevated temperature environments:
- Maximum temperature, С°: 180;
- Maximum rate of rise of temperature, ºС/min: 4;
- Dimensions of test space (LxWxH),mm: 800х800х950.

2)The test of the effect of low temperature environment:
- Minimum temperature, С°: -70;
- Maximum cooling rate, ºС/min: 2,5;
- Dimensions of test space (LxWxH),mm: 800х800х950.

3) Test the impact of changes in ambient temperature (thermal cycling):
- Method 1 (sudden change of temperature)
a) 90 С°to -70 С°;
b) transfer time less than 1 minute;
c) dimensions of test space (LxWxH),mm: 450х580х750.

- Method 2 (slow change of temperature):
a) 180 С°to -70 С°;
b) heating time, ºС/min: 1 to 4;
c) cooling time, ºС/min: 1 to 2,5;
d) dimensions of test space (LxWxH),mm: 800х800х950.

4) Test the effects of high humidity:
- Temperature range, С°: from 10 to +90;
- Humidity range, %: 10 – 98;
- Dimensions of test space (LxWxH),mm: 450х580х750.

5) Test the effect of reduced atmospheric pressure:
- Minimum reduced pressure: 20 mm Hg at ambient temperature;
- Dimensions of test space (LxWxH),mm: 480х370х270.